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Goalie Sticks New

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Brand new for 2018, CCM has continued on the success of their Premier line and brought out the CCM Premier II Pro Senior Goalie Stick. The Premier II Pro stick features improvements in performance, feel and durability.

Starting with the base of the stick, CCM now features Sigmatex spread-tow technology throughout the entire paddle and shaft of the Premier II. This material improves performance with a lighter weight and greater strength throughout. You will visibly notice this material is it features a tight silver weave on the shaft, handle and paddle. With the Sigmatex visibly showing, this reduces the amount of paint needed to cover the stick, ultimately reducing the weight and creating solid balance in the goalies stance.

Moving through the shaft, CCM has reinforced the shaft strength by adding strategic reinforcements to reduce the amount of weak spots from puck impact. This addition will also provide a stiffer feel when playing the puck. At the handle, there is a specific amount of Stiktak grip added to give the goalie a stable hold when they are in their stance, but the grip is light enough to let go for moving the hand up the shaft for poke checks.

Finishing off the stick, there is ZeroFlux technology running through the paddle and shaft to help reduce the vibrations goalies might get from making saves. Lastly, there is a small amount of paint running down the paddle and blade of the stick to provide a stable feel and further reduce the vibrations.

If you are an elite-level goalie wanting CCM’s lightest stick offering, matched with improved puck feel and reduced vibrations, look no further than the CCM Premier II Pro Senior Goalie Stick.

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